Flying Kiwis of WWI

An infographic spread  commemorating the little-known New Zealand airmen who served in WWI.

Stellar events

Full-page graphics analysing two uniquely New Zealand astronomical events: The recent transit of Venus and the annual occurence of Matariki.

Lord of the Atom

A graphic look at the life and achievements of one of New Zealand’s most famous scientific pioneers.

Beak to the Future

As is the case with all of these examples, I researched, wrote, designed and illustrated this infographic. This is one of a set examining the evidence for the continued existence of supposedly extinct animals.

One Million Years BC

A spread from my book about film-based infographics, recently long-listed in the Kantar Information is Beautiful international awards.

The Sun

A section examining the sun from my book The New Zealand Night Sky

Comets and Meteors

A spread about our ‘occasional visitors’ from my book The New Zealand Night Sky