Your Weekend cover

Canon Media awards-nominated illustration for Your Weekend magazine, featuring an interview with Michael Palin.

The Bookshop

A watercolour painting used on the cover of Your Weekend, to illustrate the main feature about favourite bookstores.

Flight of the Aotearoa

A depiction of the final flight of the Aotearoa, which disappeared in 1928, during the first trans-Tasman air crossing attempt.

Lost on the Mountain

An illustration accompanying a feature about a climber who became trapped by bad weather in the mountains.

Family figures

A few examples from a set of illustrations produced for Sunday magazine to accompany a satirical article about embarrassing family Christmasses.

Road Rage

A pastiche of a famous comic cover from the 1930s, used to illustrate a Your Weekend cover story about road rage.

Sunday magazine column

Examples of illustrations from a weekly column for Sunday magazine.


An illustration from  Booms-a-daisy, by Jill Eggleton, about a yellow-and-black dressed lady attracting the unwanted attention of a bumblebee.

: 9781927307885
Global Education Systems.

The curious Kea

A double page illustration from a young reader’s book about our amazing alpine parrot.

: 9781869665111
New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd.

Ice Breaker

One of over thirty watercolour paintings produced for Ice Breaker, a ‘New Zealand Society of Authors Heritage Award’ nominated book about Shackleton’s 1914-1917 Antarctic expedition.

New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd.

Don't Look Down

Cover illustration for author Stu Hunt’s upcoming musings on middle age: Don’t Look Down.



Seabirds – an illustration from Annemarie Florian’s latest book, Snapper: The Real Story.

New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd.

The King's Medal

A local Marae helped me to find the perfect models as reference for my illustration Maria Gill’s upcoming children’s book: The King’s Medal.

: 9781990003349
Upstart Press Ltd.



The Monarch Butterfly - New Migrant

Studies of the monarch butterfly’s life cycle for The Monarch Butterfly – New Migrant, by Annemarie Florian

: 9781990003660
Upstart Press Ltd.



Ernest Rutherford: Just an Ordinary Boy

Young Ernest Rutherford dreams of experiments to come. Images from Ernest Rutherford: Just an Ordinary Boy, by Maria Gill.

: 9781990003684
Upstart Press Ltd.



Sunday Star Times Lifestyle

Illustrations for a series of articles about modern relationships in The Sunday Star Times.




The New Zealand Night Sky

A spread about comets and meteors from my astronomy book for young readers: The New Zealand Night Sky.

: 9781776940110
Upstart Press Ltd.



Beatrice Hill Tinsley: Queen of the Cosmos

An illustration I produced for Maria Hill’s 2024 book: Beatrice Hill Tinsley: Queen of the Cosmos.

: 9781776940059
Upstart Press Ltd.