About Shoreline Creative

Alistair Hughes is extremely fortunate to be living and working on a very beautiful coast – hence Shoreline Creative.

Almost two decades with a major media organisation has fine-tuned award-winning visual communication skills in illustration, graphics and writing (sometimes all at once).

Let’s talk about what Shoreline Creative can do for you, whether it be print, online or just drawing a line in the sand.

Recent clients include: Stuff, Wilderness magazine, Nelson magazine, WildTomato, NZ Life and Leisure, New Holland Publishers, Upstart Press 

…brings his own fresh viewpoint, with the result meeting and surpassing the original idea. As well as his own strong vision, he has a chameleonic ability to adopt different illustrative styles…


EMILY SIMPSON – Editor, Sunday Magazine

…excels in large projects that he will research, write and illustrate himself. He can illustrate in most mediums and styles to match up with any project but I can always recognise his work…


– Former Creative Director, Fairfax New Zealand

…Alistair Hughes distills each column into a crisp, clever illustration every week. He’s a wonderful talent and friend…


– Columnist and author